Published at last!

You wait years to see your name in print, then it happens twice in one day!

And here they are:

My name in print

A big thanks to FutureQuake Press for this opportunity and to Andy Michael and A. I. Miller, my two artists from across the pond – you both did me proud.

So, that’s the artsy gushing out of the way, time to put on my saleswoman hat…

Roll up, roll up get your high quality small press comic anthologies here! Featuring tales of science fiction and horror and wonders beyond some of your more modest dreams!

In FutureQuake #28 you will find “Old” a story of eternal youth.


FutureQuake #28


In Something Wicked #11, “Guilty”, a tale of deals with demons.


Something Wicked #11


Both are written by me, your most humble scribe.

Only four of your British pounds each!

Old News and Good News

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll already know this and if not why not? Follow me here.

futurequake press logoAnyway, to get to the point, “Old” has an artist! The super talented A.I. Miller will be doing the art my science fiction character piece, due (hopefully) to appear in Futurequake at the end of 2015.  You can have look at some of his previous work here and follow him on Twitter here.

So, that’s the Old news (geddit?!). Now for more good news. (more…)

“Guilty” Has an Artist

somethingwickedThe very talented Los Angeles- based artist, Andy Michael has come on board to do the artwork on “Guilty”.

The seven-page supernatural revenge tale should be appearing in horror anthology Something Wicked (FutureQuake Press) towards the end of next year. As my first comics commission, I’m absolutely thrilled about this one and I’m really excited to see what Andy will do with the story. It’s all starting to feel real! (more…)

The 2014 writing year so far…

So, 2014 has been a pretty good year so far.

My short story “Guilty” (a supernatural revenge thriller) has been accepted by FutureQuake Press and is  awaiting an artist. I also have another short, “Old” (a science fiction character piece) currently in development.

I have another couple of comic book shorts that need re-writing a little (one science fiction, one ghost story), before I submit them to a couple of the small press anthologies. And also, a prose short story in the early draft stages. (more…)